Alternative to MS Office

If you have looked at Microsoft Office these days you find there are two options.

  • 365 – Monthly charge to up to 5 devices (around $38.00 a month)
  • Office 2019 – One time payment with no upgrade to 2020 (around $250)

Either option you pick you get a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and email. For the home and small business own this is a bit pricey. There is how ever FREE options out there. The largest being LibreOffice. It comes with almost everything in Office, except for an email program. You can open and save documents to and from not omly MS Office, and also ODF files that can be opened by almost any other program. I will go more in depth on LibreOffice in the future, but until then have a look at what they offer you for free at

As for your emails there are many free options. Most ISPs who you get your emails from will offer a web based version and have links to free programs. You can always use the Mail program that comes with your Windows or Mac. I personal like Thunderbird it has tons of features and you can add on to them with a massive library of add-ons. You can try it out at